Saturday, January 19, 2008

poop and travel

this is where i step even farther out of the box, unsifted for sure. trying to make sense of it all will cost you time you surely cannot afford, so just step with me.

to poop and travel, i salute you. a devious pair for sure. a pair that in their finest hour, has dropped many to their knees. a pair that with little effort, has guaranteed themselves a spot in blog history.

so how have i come to discuss this pair with you? through the company i keep. yes that's right, my friends are shameless. our candid talks showcase what most would deem unspoken matter. but for us, these topics are commonplace and i wouldn't be a loyal friend if i didn't shamelessly elaborate on them with you.

so here we are, talking about the patterns of poop as affected by travel. this pattern, or rather lack there of, is most commonly known as constipation. and what guides us down this path of discomfort? close pooping quarters, foreign toliet anxiety, decrease in water consumption? any number of options i suppose. the key is to recognize where your struggle with poop and travel originates from and proactively seek preventitive measures. just know that you are not alone in this. and to quote a friend, i take you to a cabin outside of rome, " Swimsuits and seaside by day, cheese laden pasta dinners by night, and two dense poop babies growing in our bellies."

to poop and travel, i despise you...