Friday, January 11, 2008

i was smiling when i said it

i didn't realize that your seemingly snide response was actually said with a smile, but now that you've made yourself clear I would like to take a moment to discuss this misunderstanding. communication spawning from a lack of visual contact may be the leading cause of what i lovingly refer to as "stress induced verbal bashing". it is not enough that i harbor that anger, i must now take what stirs inside me and spew words unkind with hopes of re centering. save me from this illness, this illness that will likely become a real diagnosis followed by a real drug to cure it, followed by a real list of side effects and inevitably followed by a really big lawsuit from the one person who suffered great injury as a result of taking this drug for an illness that could have been prevented if only we all understood the etiquette of non visual communication. don't just say it with a smile, say it nicely please :)

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patricia said...

Hi: I love your writings. You are gifted. You should do a book on all of your thoughts on many subjects. I truely enjoyed reading. Please do more. Patricia