Thursday, January 10, 2008


amid the fears of pregnancy come the fleeting moments of humor where you just have to laugh at the wonders of the mind. almost 34 weeks into this experience, and the few hours of deep sleep one actually gets are saturated with wildly vivid dreams. and so it is that i have come to find out i carry the dominate gene for mermaid syndrome. yes, mermaid syndrome, and according to the doctors all of my children will be born with a shiny, scaled, green, floppy tails. and to make matters worse, i will not be able to eat double cheeseburgers from wendy's because this only increases the effects of mermaid syndrome. looks like we will be moving to the ocean front.


Therese said...

dreams are so much fun to recount, and amazing how the mind works while at rest. last night I dreamt that the wallpaper was falling down in grandma's house and the walls were saturated with water. grandpa and grandma were both there, too..... and in the middle of that I was getting a massage.... go figure ;-)

you have a great talent for writing, sarah jean. keep it up. i look forward to reading more.

Sarah Jean said...

thanks therese!

i hope i can continue to entertain!