Saturday, June 21, 2008

i'll take my cocoa puffs with soy and my coffee with baileys

it's breakfast at givanni's. the lights are off. the sun is just peaking through the window of the narrow, 2 story city building. kate hides norah jones in the espresso beans and her shoes in the safe while i sit at the bar. paperwork, bank visits, inventory and stocking by day. spicy meatballs and billy idol by night. what happened to those days? those days when i only thought i was working hard. those days when i longed for something better. those days that i only wish would return. and it's not about the place, or the job. it's about the people who have touched me, who have since moved away, a group of girls that are reached by email as often as i twirl my hair. these girls are forever.

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